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  • FESS 1 logoABOUT US:
    • Creative People Group [CPG] is a Ukrainian non-government organization carrying out a series of projects that aim to:
      • support young talents
      • create new business opportunities
      • inspire global thinking
      • perform an actual change to the world
    • FESS [Fulfillment & Employability Support Service] is a brand new CPG Project in a form of global non-commercial student-run society that cultivates creative & entrepreneurial talents, provides a solid foundation of basic startup recommendations, and emphasizes member’s essential networking opportunities to collaborate with one another. FESS is designed not only to educate, but also to make you understand and believe you are able to create own business with a financial & emotional reward.


    • Slogan
      • Create Yourself
    • Mission
      • To create a new generation of successful, open-minded, confident, and passionate entrepreneurs.
    • Vision
      • To become an ongoing proof that young & creative entrepreneurial talents are able to change the world.
    • Objectives
      • To identify active and talented entrepreneurial students
      • To encourage young people to get out of their comfort zone
      • To breakdown and destroy existing stereotypes of job markets
      • To help FESS members to understand personal desires
      • To support in the development of existing or brand new business ideas
      • To emphasize international communication and networking
      • To create an atmosphere of student unity
      • To organize conditions for investment opportunities of best ideas
      • To prove that new generation is able to change the world on their own


    • We do not just support. We care.
      • Unlike other programmes, FESS delivers a sense of freedom and unity, supports entrepreneurial students in understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and points out the practical differences of being a student vs. being a graduate.
    • We are students creating for students.
      • As a learning programme created by enthusiastic students to other active students, it considers actual practical and psychological challenges that might be faced by young people during their entrepreneurial student lifeline.
    • Let’s do it together.
      • FESS’s members are encouraged to share their opinions and suggestions on how to improve the programme so that it is up to date and the most useful to young entrepreneurs. At the end of the day we are all on the one boat and we learn alongside with you.
    • You can take it. If you passionately want it.
      • Any business is, first of all, a mixture of self-discipline, self-motivation, and the power of will. FESS does not require anything from anyone – it just gives recommendations that should be the most suitable for getting the result, all the rest is a matter of personal motivation. It is up to a student whether to follow them or not – as easy as that.
      • FESS provides information about what the young entrepreneurs should be able to do as well as how exactly it can be done, with a precise explanation of practical implementations, and assumption of limited or no investments. FESS itself is an example that everything is possible just with a proper team work, shared values, and pure enthusiasm to develop a quality product.
    • CPG City.
      • CPG gives to FESS members a privilege and high-priority access to commercial international platform “CPG City” that is in a process of creation. It will provide an opportunity for registered users to be rewarded by selling personal skills and talents in forms of online shops and freelance offices.